How can we overcome bullies



Only a confident individual can stop a bully. There are many types and kinds of bullies. We need to recognize our response to threatening fight or flight situations because we are wired to protect ourselves whether we run or fight. Angel’s Karate has 40 years of experience teaching and studying the art. We have demonstrated that we understand and know how to educate students in the area of confidence. Bullies play on the emotions and fears of others, but when you learn to overcome the emotional response and the rush of adrenaline you will be able to stop the threat by standing up for yourself and thus eliminating it. When should this training begin? Any time! For your children, the younger they learn self-confidence and to stand up for themselves in a positive and healthy environment, the better! This isn’t about arrogance and thinking “I’m better than everyone else,” it’s simply teaching them that their life matters and they shouldn’t allow anyone to make them feel otherwise.

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