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angelkarateThis month of July, as it closes (July 31, 2015), has been one of the most exiting July’s ever. Before this current year it, of course, is the month of my birthday and is also the primary reason Jesus Christ is Lord of my life. Twenty years ago I had an encounter with God the Father and the son Jesus Christ, and experienced being filled WITH the Holy Spirit.

The message that the Lord gave me was, “The messages of Me that you have heard is not who I am. I am the God of the living and not of the dead. I am light, life everlasting, and love. Go and tell the world My message.” I asked “How I am going to do this?” The Lord said, “You are not doing it, I am.” There is more to the story, but for a later time. The month of July has continued to become a month of exiting things happening in my life. My first date with my wife, Julie, was on the Fourth of July weekend – the weekend that celebrates of the birth of this nation, the USA – twenty years ago. Then in July of this year, 2015, I got promoted to 10th Dan in the Martial Arts style I created, called “Taekwondo Boxing,” by the World Martial Art College, and was also appointed to the Board of Directors of the World Martial Arts College. The most recent of the exciting events was on this year’s 30th of July. After two years of searching and personal usage of a health product, along with the research study of the amazing science behind it that is new to the market and the world, I became a distributor of a product few people know about called PROTANDIM. With over forty years of training and teaching the Martial Arts, I’ve been well in the health and fitness industries. I have traveled to and visited many expos, conferences, and seminars about health and nutrients and protein shakes, and not one product has captured my attention more than Protandim. All my life I have been waiting for the right supplement for which I can finally mark for me as the triad in my quest for perfect health, something that helps spirit, mind, and body.
Without further delay I introduce to you: