Little ninjas studio rules

  • Students shall remove their shoes in the entrance area upon coming to the studio. Be courteous to line shoes, when removed, against the wall. Upon entering the studio floor (do-chang) student should bow to the flags and instructor in charge.
  • The training place must be kept clean and all personal items kept in changing rooms. Students are responsible for their own valuables. Sparring gear must be marked with their identification (their name).
  • No jewelry is to be worn while in training. Belts tied close to waist, not dangling down legs. Practice good hygiene. Fingernails and toenails must be short also.
  • Upon entering the training floor, students shall bow to flags and to the instructor in charge.
  • Bathroom breaks are highly discouraged after class is in session. Make time for yourself before class begins to use the bathroom and changing room. Be prepared to start class on time.
  • No sparring or kicking bags is allowed without permission from the instructor. No running, jumping, wrestling, or horseplay before or after class. Students who arrive while another class is already in session are only allowed to sit towards the back of the class. Sitting in the walkway in front of the office or by the men’s locker room is not permitted. This only causes distraction to the class on the training floor. Students are expected to be quiet and show respect to fellow classmates.
  • No one is allowed to chew gum, eat, drink, or smoke inside the studio.
  • Tardiness is highly discouraged. Every student arriving late must follow this procedure:
    1. Do ten pushups by counting aloud
    2. Snap to attention and ask permission to recover
    3. Join the class with a bow
  • Students must follow the direction of all instructors and interns. Proper respect and discipline must be maintained at all times. Discourtesy, rowdiness, brawling, vulgarity, stealing, or any other destructive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Visitors, friends, or relatives are welcome to observe class, but are discouraged to attend on regular basis.
  • Students are not allowed to participate in any sparring without instructor permission and full sparring gear is mandatory.
  • The office area is reserved for students and the instructors to discuss personal business. Though you are welcome at any time to visit the office, please observe the need for the office to be used for these purposes. Don’t forget to knock!