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At Angel’s Karate we teach more than just punching and kicking. With over 50 years of martial arts training experience, we have created a unique training environment. Our school provides focus and confidence to children starting at 4 years of age. We help parents and professionals stay in shape into their early seventies. 

We are problem solvers!

Do you have a smart child? Do you have a problem child? Wild kids with no focus or hyperactivity? Do you hear “I ‘m bored or I’m being bullied? We have solutions. Everyone wins with discipline. You or your child will benefit greatly in all aspects of life.

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Grand Master Angel.

I help my students and parents/grandparents solve problems. I put over 50 years of teaching experience to transform lives. Please, register for our trial on TODAY!


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Mr Greydon & Mr Bruce Lee

🙂 Class Schedule & Trial Information 🙂