Angel’s Karate celebrated its grand re-opening of its new location on March 10, 2011, with a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Guests enjoyed demonstrations from the students and toured the new facility.  Over the past 22 years, Angel’s Karate has welcomed many students, families, children, teenagers and adults inside its doors who subsequently joined the fun-loving martial arts system Angel’s Karate has adapted and developed for today’s society. Join us in Joy and celebrate with us, watch the ceremony and look at the photos.

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Grand Opening and Kick-A-Thon for a Cause

[singlepic id=20 w=320 h=240 float=right]Welcome!  As you may have all heard we are at a brand new facility!  And to kick things off right we are going to have a “Kicks For A Cause” day.  For the past 25 years we have been teaching life skills that improve and empower who we are.  We want to give back to the community with a little help from you, the students.  Every day we hear of tragedies like the people in Haiti, war Veterans who have been disabled and can not afford basic necessities, or even our soup kitchens and our food pantries.  With help from you we can do our part to support our local charities while having a lot of fun!

This is not just another competition to see who can do the most kicks, but it is an opportunity to give a helping hand to the less fortunate.  It will also bring attention to what we do here at Angel’s Karate!  We want to show the community that there is a lot more to martial arts than just kicking and punching.  That we are interested in building character, integrity, and team work. Master Angel

Invitation Grand Opening Angel’s Karate

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March 13th,2011 at 1:30PM to 4:30PM

  • Martial arts lessons and fitness program
  • Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA
  • For Adults, Children 3-12, Youth 13-18 and families

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1900 Saginaw Rd Suite H

Midland, Mi 48640

Tae Kwon Do Times March 2001

We were featured on the cover of TaeKwonDo Times in March 2001.

Here it is! The Teaching Traditions a Martial Arts Lineage

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In 1955 a young Korean Chung Do Kwan Black Belt named Han Cha Kyo knocked over a full-grown bull with a flying kick: a remarkable feat for someone weighing only about 130 pounds (See TKD Times, Jan. 1995). This level of power and skill attracted attention. We had the honor of having trained with Master Han Cha Kyo through the acquaintance of my instructor James BCYU.