Welcome to the Family

Hello and thank you,

Welcome to Angel’s Martial Arts Center. You have chosen the finest school in the area, dedicated to making your martial arts experience enjoyable and satisfying.

Our carefully structured programs go far beyond punching, blocking, and kicking. At the same time, as we help you to acquire effective self-defense skills, we provide a comprehensive program of personal development. It is our goal to raise the quality of life for all our students in every way.

~A great tip of self defense for today~



  • When you leave the comfort of your home for work, to go to the grocery store, or especially any high human traffic areas, like the mall, teach yourself to be suspicious of everything and anyone around. Be like a police officer on the look out.
  • When you go to your favorite restaurant or a hotel or any building, know where the emergency exits are. Locate yourself near them and be alert to who comes in and leaves.


Your best interests are uppermost in our minds. Our instructors are always ready to help you in any way during your training. We will be happy to discuss your or your child’s progress at any time. We would also like to encourage you to check out the rest of our website: www.angelskarate.com.

Welcome, once again, to our family.

Sincerely Yours,

Master Angel De Jesus & Family