AK Demo Team @ United Church of Christ on March 27 @ 11:00 Am

Angel’s Karate Demonstration team will be performing at “THE KICKOFF TO SPRING BREAK” at the United Church of Christ 4100 Chestnut Hill Drive, Midland, MI 48642.

The demonstration will be around 11:00 Am, Students and parents if you have time and would like to join us you are welcome.


Master Angel

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Belt promotions 03/20/11

Promotions at Angel’s Karate are best explained in terms of breaking hard ground, sowing, watering, pruning and engrafting. Each level represents a stage in life of growth and responsibility about ones self. During the promotion you display your dedication and consistency in the mastering of the abilities you might posses and didn’t know you had. Today those terms were displayed.


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In House Tournament (Tentatively) May 14, 2011

In House Tournament (Tentatively) May 14, 2011

In House Tournament (Tentatively) May 14, 2011, is to introduce our newest students to competition and fire up our more seasoned ones. We are planning to have an in-house tournament. The competition will be between the students from Ann Arbor TIA against Angel’s Karate TIA. We will be competing on forms and sparring. Please post your comments.

Thank you
Master Angel



Angel’s Karate celebrated its grand re-opening of its new location on March 10, 2011, with a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Guests enjoyed demonstrations from the students and toured the new facility.  Over the past 22 years, Angel’s Karate has welcomed many students, families, children, teenagers and adults inside its doors who subsequently joined the fun-loving martial arts system Angel’s Karate has adapted and developed for today’s society. Join us in Joy and celebrate with us, watch the ceremony and look at the photos.

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