Hard Work Pays OFF

That is the truth “hard work and consistency is the key to success” Master Angel

Angel’s Karate Promotion 11-17-2013

Congratulations to Miss Mercedes, Miss Taylor, Miss Maia, and Mr. Caleb, on testing for your next belt and a job well done!
Master Angel is in full agreement with the arts and sciences. His teaching is drawn from ancient teachers such as Pythagoras, Newton, Aristotle, and Democritus. This is why you see him using the T-square, to bring precision and detail to the movements.
Martial arts in an artform. It is to be beautiful, creative, and the best you can draw out of yourself.

Taekwondo color belt promotion 10202013

Taekwondo color belt promotion

Advancing in taekwondo is like observing  a seed germinating and blooming. The begining is like being placed in a dark room and not knowing where the light is going to come from. Looking for the knowledge of it will lead you to developed patience, the ability to teach one’s self  memorized body movements and to understand them in a new world that only a few come to know. Is not about muscles or a six pack of abs or how fast you are. It’s about self control.


Angel’s Karate Black Belt Test 1st and 2nd Dan 7/28/2012


Job well done. Billy, Lilly, Brandon, Fiona, Lexie and Jorg. July 28, 2012 was a great day for some members of Angel’s Karate. Billy demonstrated commitment and perseverance a mixture that produce success.Lilly your performance was gracious. Brandon as you challenge your self  to overcome you discover the power within you.Fiona you showed control over your abilities. Lexie consistency in training show strength at the time when is needed. Jorg proved age, height and weight is a ow some gift to unwrap.