Angels Karate Taekwondo DO-SAN #3

Angels Karate Taekwondo DO-SAN

Video  instruction cannot take the place of a personal communication of a real   instructor. The art lies in the how, not in the what. The art lies in the doing of it with proper supervision, not in the knowing of it.

Partiot Ahn Ch’ang-Ho who devoted his life to the education of Korea and it’s independence movement.

Chon-Ji Tul


19 movements Literally, Cheon-Ji (or Chon-Ji) means “heaven and earth” and refers to the creation of the world or the beginning of human history, and thus is the initial pattern learned by the beginner. It consists of forearm low blocks and punches in the first part to represent earth, and inner forearm middle blocks and punches in the second part to denote heaven. It does not use any kicks. The cross shaped diagram represents the four elements of the universe : fire, water, air and earth.