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Synergistic Fitness
Synergistic System 🙂
I am Master Angel De Jesus. You probably have heard about Angel’s Karate, here in Midland. If you have or have not, that’s great. Either way, I now have the opportunity to talk to you. I have been learning, training, and teaching Martial arts for over 45 years. I have had the honor of meeting great Martial art artists over the years internationally, here in the great USA, and locally here in Midland. I opened Angel’s Taekwondo, my second school, in Hemlock, MI in 1984. You might ask, “Where did he have the first?”. To answer to that, my first school was in Germany.
During all the years I have spent in the art, my quest has been to come to the knowledge of the secrets of the art. Finally I can say I found it. It is Synergistic Fitness, a Synergistic system. It is simply to be FREE physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is to have a strong body, a mind with the proper knowledge regarding life and health, and last but not least (although the one least talked about) an honesty of the heart or spirit.